Answering Some Erotic Questions About Sex


When it comes to talking about sex, many people are shy and reserved and would rather not discuss their most kinky fantasies with others. However, as we enter into an increasingly liberal society, why should we not talk about our sex lives with much more freedom. Since sex is something that bring us happiness and pleasure, surely we should all strive to talk about it in an attempt to make everybody as happy as they possibly can be. To help you get into the mood, let us explore some of the kinkiest and naughtiest things that you can get up to in the bedroom.

Every adult has their own special fantasies that they would love to see carried out to the letter. My hottest fantasies are revolved around BDSM and entering into a relationship involving a dominant mistress and a submissive slave. This hot relationship is much more erotic and exciting than normal sex, and it helps to strengthen the bond between a couple. You get to explore different things about yourself and, as a submissive, you get to give up all control and enjoy the pain and pleasure that is being exacted on you. For a mistress, it gives her the chance to explore her dominant side, which can be very exciting if she has spent most of her life as a submissive. With BDSM, you have the opportunity to roleplay, which helps to free you up in the bedroom and try things that you may otherwise avoid. BDSM also gives you the chance to play with a variety of kinky sex toys, such as butt plugs, floggers and ball bags.

If I could only choose to have one type of sex for the rest of my life I would probably opt for anal. While oral is extremely pleasurable as the lady gets to explore every part of me with her tongue, and while regular sex is fun due to the tight and wet sensations, there is something even naughtier and kinkier about anal. Since this is a hole that some people consider off limits, to have your girl let you go up there is extremely special. This hole is tighter than any other on the female body that you can enter, and you can feel this gripping on your cock. What’s not to like about this? And if you are lucky enough, your girl may even allow you to cum up her ass.

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